Craig Rubia  |  Senior Graphic Designer

Project Details |

Logo identity project for new Morgan Hill, California-base breakfast joint. Art direction, Design, Layout. Tools: Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator. Font selection: YOLKED utilized a highly modified ChunkFive Roman; Extreme Breakfast uses Exo Light.

The Client |

Jim Angelopolous is a Bay Area entrepreneur whose family’s roots are in the restaurant business. His parents opened Square Meal Cafe in San Martin, California and began a string of successful businesses that included Scrambl’z Diners. After selling the small chain of Scrambl’z restaurants, Jim saw a need for breakfast only restaurants thats served only from 7AM-2PM seven days a week.

The Solution |

Jim was looking for a word mark that would describe his new breakfast restaurant as a place for healthy food options geared for the active person but still cater to families as did his chain of Scrambl’z eateries. With a creative brief in hand, initial sketches leaned toward adding a pictorial element to various type samples. The egg yolk element was quickly adopted after the first thumbnails showing and advanced thumbnails in black and white were fleshed out. A few designs were chosen to move forward with color treatments with yellow, green, and black in one grouping and yellow and red in another. The red/yellow combination won over the team and a few fonts were advanced to the next level where ChunkFive Roman was chosen. Bloating and other modifications were made to ChunkFive to arrive at the final logo–a whimsical, cartoonish rendering that reminded some of Foghorn Leghorn, a 1940s Warner Brothers rooster cartoon character voiced by Mel Blanc. A hard-boiled yellow egg yolk with a chunk bitten out of the top right portion sat slightly off center inside of the ‘O’ in Yolked. The tagline Extreme Breakfast was determined to be lower case Exo Light after a short design and show session with placement below the main logo and positioned at a 10 degree angle. Channel signage, ad banners, menus, business cards, t-shirts, social media formats and other marketing tools were finalized to complete the package. Total design time: 6 weeks.

yolked-logos-01.png yolked-logos-02.png yolked-logos-large.png yolked-building-front.png yolked-building-sign.png yolked-logos-on-tshirts.png yolked-logos-on-menus.png