Craig Rubia  |  Senior Graphic Designer

Project Details |

Design and layout for bilingual boxing magazine publication. Art direction, Design, Layout, Prepress, Spot Advertising Design, Proofreading. Tools: Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. Font family: Helvetica-Neue Condensed

The Client |

Round Publishing was magazine publisher based in Campbell, California. The company produced the first bilingual (Spanish/English) magazine in the sport of professional boxing.

The Solution |

On a retainer basis, I was asked to resume the design of the publication after the former designer had taken ill. With a tight time line, I was given full creative license to design the magazine. As a boxing fan, I was familiar with the genre, the fan base, and the athletes and was able to step in and continue the publication without any problems. With a few layout changes and design tweaks, I was able to deliver an excellent representation of the sport of boxing.

PrimerRound-Scene-8-MultiplePages-920x691.jpg PrimerRound-Scene-3-Spread-920x691.jpg PrimerRound-Cover920x691.jpg