Craig Rubia  |  Senior Graphic Designer

Project Details |

Corporate logo redesign. Art direction, Design, Layout, Prepress. Tools: Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. Font family: ITC Legacy Sans Std Condensed.

The Client |

GraphOn is a worldwide developer of remote application access and Web-enabling solutions. Since 1996, we’ve been a leading innovator of cost-effective, server-based solutions that help our customers extend the life of their Windows, UNIX and Linux applications.

The Solution |

A young Thin Client software solution firm, GraphOn wanted to modernize their logo identity and had a few requirements: the logo needed to be recognizable at small sizes (the current logo featured thin arms in orbit around a planet); convey green technology (cloud delivered software requiring no packaging or delivery); an iconic logo was desired. Starting with a napkin sketch of an intertwined word GO, the original sketch resembled an arrow forming an orbit around the Earth. The letter G was drawn in such a way to look like an arrow beginning its orbit around the Earth (Letter “O”) so as to mean that GraphOn’s software has a global reach. Underneath the “GO” symbol was a stylized scribble to symbolize Earth (green technology connotation).

After over a hundred pen and ink “GO” sketches, a separate GO and “Earth” was selected to be composited. Color selected: Yellow Arrow “G” to symbolized a friendly solution; A Blue Earth “O” to symbolized the small blue planet; The green scribble to remind customers of the green software solution.

GraphOn-CDPakcage-920x691.jpg Graphon-Datasheet01-920x691.jpg Graphon-GO-920x691.jpg Graphon-Scribble-920x691.jpg GraphOn-Logo-DesignProcess-920x691.jpg GraphOn-Logo-NewVsOld-920x691.jpg