Craig Rubia  |  Senior Graphic Designer

Project Details |

Logo identity project for new meal search engine app. Art direction, Design, Layout. Tools: Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator. Font family pairings: Ailerons-Typeface (CRAVE EATZ); Raleway (Body Text); LibreFranklin-Black (Titling).

The Client |

CRAVE Eatz is a new mobile app platform for iPhone and Android out of San Jose, California. The meal and food search engine is designed to locate the exact food dish desired including the individual ingredients. Targeting the so-called millennial generation, the group found a need to search for a select set of ingredients or type of food. While in direct competition with Yelp!, Uber Eats, DoorDash, OpenTable and others, the app will ultimately be a compliment to those services.

The Solution |

Gathering information via conversations, a creative brief was formulated to outline specific design requirements of the client, competition profiles to analyze branding inspirations, initial slogans, and social media channel aspirations. Initial black and white thumbnails were narrowed down to three favorites and those were fine tuned with established color palette before a final word mark with pictorial element was chosen. After the logo was finalized, client discovered another company shared CRAVE which led to the addition of ‘Eatz’ to the logo. Client settled with using the same font centered underneath CRAVE. Client received final package with Adobe Ilustrator vector and Photoshop files for both the logo and app icon. Total design time: 8 weeks.


CRAVEEATZ-blue-app-icon-1000x714.jpg CRAVEEATZ-black-logo-1000x714.jpg CRAVEEATZ-black-app-icon-1000x714.jpg CRAVEEATZ-blue-logo-1000x714.jpg