Craig Rubia  |  Senior Graphic Designer

Project Details |

Logo identity project for new health conscious monthly publication. Art direction, Design, Layout, Prepress. Tools: Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator. Font family: Garamond 96 DT SemiBold modified (Carb); Trade Gothic modified (Lite).

The Client |

CarbLite was a new publication from Enoble Media Group of Paramus, New Jersey. More than 26 million Americans were on a hard-core low carbohydrate diet and another 70 million limit their carb intake without formally dieting (according to Time Magazine). The low carb trend had translated into an economic force with sales of food and beverages translating into a $30 billion market.

The Solution |

The project called for a new logo for the publication that would be used for the magazine and all marketing materials. Simplicity, traditionalism, and safeness were things we considered when designing the logo. Since there were other publications similar to CarbLite already in distribution, we had conducted a short study on the design of each logo. Most of the publications used a blocky and bold sans serif typeface while others used flamboyant script fonts. We chose Garamond and Trade Gothic Condensed to be the foundation for the logo. The result was an elegant, yet traditional logo that felt safe to approach for information on the low carb lifestyle.

CarbLite-Logo-920x691.jpg CarbLite-BusinessCards-920x691.jpg CarbLite-Magazine-920x691.jpg